There are a few different places that you can go ice skating at during the winter in Korea. However, I found that the temporary ice skating rink next to Sangam MBC is best for me.

Time is almost up for this year, but it’s definitely something to check out. It ends February 18th, so get out quick!


Weekdays ₩3,000 per session
Weekends and holidays ₩5,000
Lesson ₩110 ,000 per week

Why I Like It:

1) It’s easy to get to/find since it’s near a popular tourist attraction.

2) It’s not expensive.

Weekdays ₩3,000 per session
Weekends and holidays ₩5,000
Lesson ₩110 ,000 per week

3) The ice is cleaned every hour.

4) There is a hut next to the rink that can provide drinks, snacks, gloves, and handwarmers if you need them. There is also a change machine for if you need to break a ₩1,000 for the coin lockers.

5) Coin lockers.

6) Perfect for any age group. When I was there, there were families, couples, and people alone skating.

7) Lots of cafes, restaurants, and shops around so you can kill time between ice cleanings if you want to skate for two sessions in a row.


1) It can get pretty busy especially at 11:30am and during winter vacation time. It’s best to go during the week and when students aren’t on vacation.

2) The coin lockers are expensive. It’s ₩500 each time you use it and you don’t get your coins back when you open the locker again.

3) The rink is a bit small.

4) Super unattractive, but good for safety reasons, helmets that ALL ice skaters must wear.

5) You must wear gloves on the rink. To me, this is a positive, but others may find it annoying.

6) You have to show your ticket stub every time you get back on the rink. However, if the workers don’t change, they’ll usually remember you so you might not need to show it.

7) No phones out while on the rink. Even if you’re against the wall, you can’t take photos. If you want photos skating, you’ll have to have someone outside the rink take photos of you.


If you’re looking for a nice, simple ice skating rink, this would be a good place to check out. Since it’s right next to MBC, you could also spend all day in the area visiting the MBC museum or going to a fan meeting. Overall, I give it an 8/10.