I have been to this place before a few times. It has a really nice atmosphere. The music can be a hit or miss, but regardless, it is definitely a place to check out if you’re a fan of craft beer.


송도 매장: 인천광역시 연수구 컨벤시아대로 80, 힐스테이트 401동 139호

Songdo Bar: 80, Convensia-daero, Yeonsu-gu, Incheon, Korea

It’s a little difficult to get to, but if you have Google Maps or Naver Maps, you shouldn’t have difficulties finding the place.

You can take the subway to Incheon University Station, then come out of exit 4, and walk straight for a good 15-20 minutes. It’s part of the Hillstate Apartment complexes. You’ll pass Songdo Central Park, An’s Bakery, and a few tall apartments until you get there.

What I really enjoy about this place, other than its great beer, is how welcoming and comfortable you feel when you’re there. The inside is dark, which helps you get into the mood of relaxing and having a beer or two with friends. The decorations are also really awesome! They even have a board that explains their brewing process! I adore the Lego chunk in the wall. For some reason it always makes me smile. There is also a jar of lollipops for kids, but I always take one because I’m still a child at heart.


I haven’t been able to try everything on the menu because to be honest, it is a bit pricy. Maybe if I want to feel like a fancy b*tch one day, I’ll probably splurge on the cheese platter since cheese is life. I’ve had the Truffle Fries multiple times because they’re AMAZING! I highly recommend them!

menu 1

I have had a few different beers from here:

The Gentleman Lager: I’m not a huge lager fan, but I really enjoyed this one. It’s nice and wheaty.

The Mistress Saison: Pretty good, but not one of my favorites. I didn’t really taste the toffee that is supposed to be in it.

The Witch Chocolate Stout: By far one of my favorites. I’d probably place it in second. It was my first, but I tried one of their seasonal beers recently and that just knocked this down a notch. This is definitely full bodied and full of flavor.

To learn more about the different beers Playground Brewery creates, check out their website here.

My Most Recent Visit:

Left photo below: Truffle Fries and Märzen Oktoberfest Bier, which was ordered by my friend. This beer is part of their seasonal collection, so who knows how long it’ll be out.

Right photo below: The Black and White (imperial stout) is my new favorite! Such flavor! It really smelled like wine. I was so surprised by that. When you taste it, it first tastes like a strong red wine (in my opinion), but then you get hints of vinegar and burnt toast. As weird as that sounds, to me that is what a good stout should taste like! It also reminded me of a strong coffee. Sadly this is also part of their seasonal collection, so it’ll probably be gone soon too. I guess it’ll be good for my diet if it’s gone!

Look at how beautiful it is! So dark like my soul! ♥

Final Photo


I highly recommend trying this bar out. Even though the food is a bit pricy, the beer is too good to pass up. Also, unlike most Korean bars, you don’t need to actually buy food here! You could have five beers and the waitstaff wouldn’t bother you about it (unless you get super drunk). If it sounds too difficult to get there, just take a taxi. That’s what I did the first time, and after seeing my surroundings while on the way, I felt comfortable going on my own after that.

If I were to score this place, I’d give it a 9/10. I’d only be deducting for food price and location.

Once again, if you want to know more about Playground Brewery, check out their website here.

*I’m not a beer expert. This review is purely based off of my taste and preferences.