A few weeks ago I went to the National Museum of Korea to see two exhibitions. One was this one, The Tiger in East Asian Art: Korea, Japan, China which is a special exhibition that is being held during the Olympic Winter Games here in South Korea. The other is Masterpieces of the French Art of the XVII-XIX Centuries from the Collection of the Hermitage. That exhibition will be at the National Museum of Korea for a longer period of time.

About the Image of Tigers in Korea

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Dates & Time:

This exhibition will be held until March 18th, 2018. It’s specifically meant to be held alongside the 2018 Winter Olympic Games. For specific times, please check the National Museum of Korea website.


It’s in the special exhibition gallery that’s located in the main building of the National Museum of Korea. To find the best directions, check out the National Museum of Korea website.


Admission to the main part of the museum is free. Only special exhibitions cost money. Here is the pricing for this special exhibit and the Masterpieces of the French Art of the XVII-XIX Centuries from the Collection of the Hermitage exhibition. I paid for the “Exhibition Package,” since I thought it was a good deal.


“Tigers in East Asian Art” (Individual)


(over 20 people)

Exhibition Package

(“the Collection of the Hermitage”+“Tigers in East Asian Art”)

“Masterpieces of the French Art of the XVII-XIX Centuries from the Collection of the Hermitage”

(Individual / Group)

Adult (24+)





Middle School, High School, and University Students





Elementary School Students





Seniors (65+),

Child (5 to 7)





To find out extra details about tours or audio devices, please check out the museum website specifically for this special exhibition here.

Some Pieces I Liked:

My Thoughts:

I enjoyed my time at this exhibit. It was a little smaller than I expected. The other special exhibition, Masterpieces of the French Art of the XVII-XIX Centuries from the Collection of the Hermitage, is much bigger and took a lot more time to go through. Either way, I thought it was great that museums from Korea, Japan, and China worked together to bring us this special exhibition. My favorite tiger paintings mainly came from Chinese artists. To me, the paintings looked a bit more…I guess planned out.

I was so amazed by the tiger chamber pot from Korea. Since the tiger is such an important symbol in Korea, I wouldn’t have thought that people would use its likeness in a chamber pot of all things. There was also a lot of good information in English, so I didn’t feel lost or confused.

I highly recommend checking it out! Whether you’re a tourist visiting or an expat living in Korea, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it because it’s fun, educational, and only for a limited time! I give it a 10/10 for sure!