TonyMoly has a variety of great skincare products. This is one of their multiple cleansing waters. It’s a good product and something that is great to use if you’re busy.

Application: 10/10

The Tea Tree No-wash Cleansing Water is quite simple to use. Just put an adequate amount on a cotton-pad to clean off your face. Also, you can also use a q-tip to get off point makeup.

Packaging: 9/10

There’s a flip-top cap that opens and closes well. The bottle is a bit big, so it took up some space in my vanity, so make sure you have somewhere to store it. Also, the product flows out well.

Scent: 10/10

There’s little to no scent, so it’s perfect for those who don’t like strongly scented products. I would label the scent as a little bit foresty or like a pine scent.

Feeling: 8/10

This cleansing water felt so nice and cooling on my skin. It was overall a great cleansing water. However, if you use it too much, it’ll dry out your skin.

Final Thoughts & Recommendation:

It was a really good product. I would definitely buy it again. However, I recommend not to use it everyday because it could dry out your skin and cause redness. In fact, if you have sensitive skin, I would test it out or check out the ingredients to make sure it wouldn’t cause you skin irritation. Also, it probably works best for oily to oily-combination skin. Overall, I give it a 9/10, so go check it out!

All of my reviews are based off of my own experiences. I’ll never give a high rating on a product if I don’t like it. Even if it’s a popular product, I’ll still call it like I see it. If you wan’t to have a discussion about the product or have questions, leave a comment below or write a message to me on my contact page.