Just to get it out of the way… Yes, I’m kind of a crazy cat lady. Thankfully being married has made it slightly more acceptable to be obsessed with our cat. Our cat’s name is Moonlight. My husband picked the name because I was too indecisive, but at least it fits him well. The pictures above are from his first week with us. He was so tiny!


  • Moonlight is a Russian Blue
  • He’s a male
  • His birthday is June 8th, 2017
  • He has no balls (I’ll post him with his cone of shame some other time)
  • He can do some tricks! (Sadly I can’t post videos with the type of blog I have, but there are a few on my instagram)
  • He loves sleeping with us
  • He loves dark places
  • He can’t drink from his water bowl without splashing half of it everywhere first
  • He loves cuddling
  • He doesn’t let me go to the bathroom in peace (He CONSTANTLY meows when I close the door)
  • He inhales all his snacks

There is so much more about him, but I’ll save that for other posts!

Why We Got Moonlight

I love cats! I grew up with a lot of animals: dogs, cats, rabbits, chickens, fish, hamsters, and a turtle! I’ve known for a long time that I’d want a pet. After marrying my husband, I started nagging him to get a cat. I like dogs too, but with our small living space and our busy schedules, a cat was the best choice. FINALLY, my husband broke!

Also, even though children and pets are very different, we wanted to see how both of us would raise a pet together before having children. Kids are probably way in the future for us, but raising a pet together has been helping us see our strengths and weaknesses in working together in keeping something alive.

Was It Love At First Sight?

Um, hell yeah! I knew right away I wanted to get this little guy. He loved me right away and we seemed to have a good bond. However…it took my husband a long time to get used to him. Before we got Moonlight, my husband had made some rules like, “He can’t sleep with us in our bed,” and “No feeding him human food.” Of course he was the FIRST to break those rules…

It was rough during the first week since my husband had a difficult time with pets in the past. At one point hubbs wanted to get rid of him. Then, Moonlight just won him over ❤ Hubby even bought a book about how to train and raise a cat. It was very helpful for my husband, and now him and Moonlight are best buddies! I think Moonlight actually loves my husband more than me now…that b*tch…


We love our little Moonlight so much! I don’t know what I would do without him. My husband and him are the two most important beings in my life! Stay tuned here to see more pictures and stories of our kitty!

If you have pet, feel free to share stories about it in the comments!