Christmas has long passed, but with living so far away from my family…sometimes presents come late…REALLY late. However, my little brother gave us one of the best presents ever!

I present to you our couple onesies!

I’m WAY more excited than my husband. He finds it too silly *rolls eyes*

Marriage can be tough. There are great days and bad days, but you can’t stay angry at someone that is wearing something that makes them look like a giant baby. I guess whenever my husband acts like a child, I can tell him to put on his onesie if he’s going to act like a baby.

These are actually really warm! I’m so excited to wear them! Even today we got freezing temps all of a sudden and it was snowing for a bit too! Korea’s weather is just as unpredictable as Michigan weather…

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while! I’ve been getting used to a new job and sleep schedule, so I’ve been really off these days! I promise to post more often soon once I’m used to everything. Going from working evening to mornings has been rough!