This is my final post about my first time to Tokyo, Japan. It’ll be all about FOOD! If you missed my other posts about going to Tokyo, you can check them out here: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3. I’d check out Part 1 to see my hotel food, which was AMAZING! If I ever visit Japan again, I’ll definitely be staying at that hotel again or at least one of its branches.

Looking through all the photos made me realize how great the food is especially convenience store food! Korea has some pretty good convenience store food, but it’s nothing like Japan’s food. It just tastes better, so many options, and the food doesn’t look sketchy at all. There are also a lot of great restaurants to visit as well.


There are a variety of convenience stores around Japan, but Lawson seems like the choice of many people. My husband has a giant sweet tooth, so he bought a lot of cakes and dessert snacks there. All of them were great! I don’t think we had one bad item. Tough we mainly got snacks, there are also proper microwave meals available. You can get spaghetti, rice balls, donburi (rice with meat and egg on top), sandwiches, and so much more! I really miss Lawson. I give it a 10/10 for food, convenience, and price.

Random Convenience Store Food

Along with Lawson, there are many other convenience stores like 7/11, Family Mart, Circle K, Daily Yamazaki, and Mini Stop just to name a few. Japan makes candies really well. I got some orange flavored gummies (or jellies in Korea) that were covered in chocolate, and they were delicious! It sounds kind of gross, but they were actually quite tasty. Honestly, you could spend your whole time in Japan eating convenience store food. There are wonderful drinks like milk tea, bubble teas, mixed coffees, pop, and flavored water. I know some people think the flavored waters in Japan are gross, but I thought they were pretty good!

Venus Fort

Venus Fort is basically a giant shopping mall located in Odaiba. Just like any other shopping mall, there is a big food court. On our first day in Tokyo, we went there to get some simple food. I was super hungry, but too tired to eat a lot. I got a rice bowl with fried boneless chicken and egg on top (first photo). My husband basically got the same thing, but his had minced pork instead of fried chicken. We also got chicken skewers and non-alcoholic beer. The lemon flavored non-alcoholic beer was so delicious! To learn more about Venus Fort, check out their website here. I’m not a shopper and the food was pretty good, but overall I give my experience there a 6/10.

Japan Venus Fort

Yokohama Ieke Ramen

You can’t go to Japan without having tried ramen. It was super cool being able to order from a machine and then the staff just places your order in front of you. I don’t remember exactly what I got, but I know I got extra meat hahaha. The broth was so memorable though. It was smooth, salty, had a strong pork flavor, and just unfreakinbelievable! I know I didn’t eat enough ramen while in Tokyo, so the next time I go I’m planning on eating a ton of ramen. I give this place a 10/10.

Kagoshima Kurokatsutei

When we went to this don katsu restaurant, it was packed, we had to wait a bit to get seats. It’s located in Tokyo Station. I’ve had a lot of don katsu here in Korea since it’s also a very popular dish here. However, there is a big difference between Korean and Japanese don katsu. First, Korean don katsu is usually wide and flat. Also, a sauce is usually just given to you. In Japan, the meat is more narrow, but thicker. You also have to make your own sauce. However, I’m sure if we went to a fast food katsu place that the sauce would have been made for us. Overall, I give this place an 8/10 since it was good, but I wasn’t all that impressed with it.

Japan Donkatsu


This was our last full meal in Japan. Sukiya is a chain rice bowl restaurant. It was really delicious! I got a beef rice bowl, but I added cheese to it. I love cheese! My husband got a grill eel rice bowl. We convinced the staff to let us order sides from the kid’s menu so that I could get a Pikachu toy hahaha. The food was all really good, which isn’t what you usually expect from a fast food chain. I give this place a 10/10 for being reasonably priced, fast, lots of options, and delicious!

Sweets Forest

If you have a big sweet tooth, you HAVE to go here. It’s like a food court, but each place only sells desserts and cafe drinks. I wanted to get everything, but my husband held me back hahaha. We ended up getting this pudding jello thing. It was really cool that there were pieces of fruit floating in clear jelly. Taste wise it was okay. I give this specific dessert a 6/10, but I give Sweets Forest a 10/10 for being amazing and filled with sweet treats.

Shinbashi Teppan

Off the bat, this place is a 10/10!!!! The food was beyond delicious. The only downside is that it’s quite hidden. It took us forever to find it, but I blame my husband because he’s awful at directions and listening to me lol. It’s near Ginza, so if you’re shopping around that area, you can go. You can check out the restaurant’s website at The restaurant is intimate with its small size and limited seating. It’s a bit away from where other travelers may go, but the food has been highly rated. The chef was very proud to show us the magazine his restaurant was featured in. We ordered grilled beef tongue and okonomiyaki. Both dishes were the best we had in Japan.


We were killing some time before heading to the airport to come back to Korea, so we stopped by a cafe real quick. It’s like any other cafe you may find. It sells drinks, some sandwiches, and these cream horns. They were pretty good. It’s not really interesting enough to rate. It’s just a generic cafe.

Japan cafe

Tokyo, Narita Airport Food

Before heading home, we grabbed some food at the airport. I got some ramen since like I mentioned earlier, I didn’t eat enough ramen. Hubbs got curry. I feel like airport food is usually gross or subpar, but this food was really good. However, it’s not cheap.

Overall, Japan was pretty awesome. I’d say my favorite thing about Tokyo was the food. Teppan had the best food out of anywhere in Japan. It’s killing me that I don’t remember the exact location in Ginza.

If you’re thinking about visiting Japan, I would scroll back up to check out parts 1-3 to see where I went and stayed. Once again, Tokyo was awesome, but it can be expensive so save up some money for that because between transportation and food, you’ll constantly be spending.

All of my reviews are based off of my own experiences. I’ll never give a high rating on a place or product if I don’t like it. Even if it’s a popular place or product, I’ll still call it like I see it. If you wan’t to have a discussion about the place or product or have questions, leave a comment below or write a message to me on my contact page.