I LOVE coffee!!!! It’s something I really can’t live without. I enjoy trying different cafes to not only check out the coffee, but to see how the atmosphere is and if it’s a place I can visit regularly.

This cafe is called Cafe Mug and it’s really close to where I live in Namdong-gu, Incheon. I enjoy this cafe a lot because the coffee is strong, the manager is really nice, they usually have live music on Saturdays, the atmosphere is amazing, and the fact that you can sit in a cute tent is really cool!

My only warning is that you should know how to speak Korean fairly well to order. However, the drinks are technically in English, so you could get away with speaking Konglish. For the cakes, you can just point to what you want. Oh! You can also bring in outside food if you’ve purchased a drink from the cafe. Food in particular that is bought from within the Link 126 Building is okay.


This cafe is located in Guwol-dong (구월동) in Incheon (인천). It’s between Art Center Station (예술회관) and Incheon Bus Terminal (인천터미널) on Incheon Line 1.


How to Get There

The fastest way to get there is to come out of Art Center Station from exit 6. Once you get out, take a left to the light to cross the street. Then, walk towards the right. You should walk away from Lotte Department Store. It’s in the Link 126 Building on the 6th floor.


Open: Weekdays: 9am, Weekends: 10am

Close: 1am

Last Order: 12am






Cafe Mug Menu

The pictures of the menu I took are basically potatoes. It’s best to check out their menu on their Facebook page. In general, a lot of information about this cafe is on their Facebook page.

Check out more about Cafe Mug on their instagram as well. There you can follow them and see if they’re doing any giveaways or have busking concerts coming up. If you check out this old insta post I made, it includes pictures of some of the delicious cakes that are available at the cafe. They have REAL CHEESECAKE!!! I wish they had more options for food, but you can’t win ’em all. I really enjoy this place and frequently visit. I give it a 9/10 for sure!

All of my reviews are based off of my own experiences. I’ll never give a high rating on a place or product if I don’t like it. Even if it’s a popular place or product, I’ll still call it like I see it. If you wan’t to have a discussion about the place or product or have questions, leave a comment below or write a message to me on my contact page.