A few weeks ago, Korea held its annual K-Beauty Expo at KINTEX in Goyang. KINTEX is a giant convention hall that holds a variety of expositions from home expos to baby expos and of course K-beauty expos. During the K-Beauty Expo, the convention center turns into a place of skincare and makeup magic!

What Is The K-Beauty Expo?

As I mentioned before, the K-Beauty Expo is held every year at KINTEX. It displays a variety of k-beauty companies (well known, emerging, and small) and their products, and the newest, innovative k-beauty technology. It also includes beauty products from different countries.

The expo isn’t just about skincare and makeup though. It includes nail art displays (lots of gel polish, gems, and nail art brushes), hair care, diet drinks, massage therapy oils, and so much more! It’s really an expo about beauty from the inside out. There was even a breast massage machine being sold! I really regret not snapping a picture of it because it was quite interesting!

What Can I Do There?

  • You can do a little window shopping along with purchasing some great beauty products. Many of the products being sold have their prices lowered, so you can really get an amazing product for almost half its original price!
  • There are also games you can participate in to get free products from various booths. I took the picture below to enter into a game where I spun a wheel for a chance to get a face cream or mask. Some of the booths made you take a photo and upload it to instagram before you could participate in their games.

2018 KBeauty Expo 1

  • You can also get your nails, hair, or makeup done! Many of the companies allow testing of their products and/or have staff members to help you get your beauty game on. Sometimes these services aren’t free, but they aren’t too expensive if you decide to pay for them.
  • There are also guest speakers you can watch that talk about K-beauty or give demos on products. You can go to the K-Beauty Expo website to see examples of some of the demos and seminars that are performed at the expo.
  • There are also cafes set up inside and outside of the K-Beauty Expo so you can always relax with a coffee and look at all your amazing purchases and freebies!

How Can I Learn More About The K-Beauty Expo?

You can check out more about the K-Beauty Expo at its website. There is also a Facebook page you can follow that updates you about different K-Beauty conventions around the world.

Who Should Go?

Everyone! Don’t be intimidated by all the suits. Though it is a place for making business deals for international beauty buyers and sellers, it is also good for those just looking to buy a few new items.

I went as “Press” for obvious reasons. However, if you register as “Press,” you need to make sure you have your business card with you if you’re doing the on-site registration. I’m not sure if you will need proof of business for the online-registration, but it probably wouldn’t hurt especially if you’re registering as “Press” or “Buyer.” You don’t need anything specially if you’re just registering as a “Visitor.” Depending on how you register, you’ll either get a paper bracelet (“Visitor”) or a lanyard with a plastic pass (“Press” or “Buyer”).

Goodies and Purchases!

I only bought one BB cream, a lip tint, and one lip mask/lip plumper. The rest were given as free samples or as products for me to test and review.

I’m for sure going back to the K-Beauty Expo next year! I can’t wait new products will appear. I highly recommend going if you’re a k-beauty fan, into skincare and makeup, or if you just want to try something new. Going to the expo is quite an experience, and I feel like it’s really such a unique thing to try while in Korea.

If you have any questions or thoughts about the K-Beauty Expo, please leave a comment down below or feel free to message me.