There are a lot of K-beauty companies out there in the world. Many people think of big companies such as Nature Republic, Etude House, Innisfree, IOPE, 3CE, and so on. However, there are a lot of hidden K-beauty companies out there that are making some fantastic products! While at the 2018 K-Beauty Expo this past month I found a few companies that peeked my interest, and one of them is AMOK.

What’s AMOK?

AMOK stands for “Art Make-Up Original Korea.” They produce lipsticks and lip tints, eyeshadows, mascara, liquid highlighters and contour make-up, liquid eyeshadows, nail polish, and cushions. AMOK has a variety of collections. Within each collection there are different lip products, but they tend to produce quite a few matt lipsticks and liquid lipsticks.

What’s Special About AMOK?

I was drawn to the unique design of their liquid make-up bottles. I had never seen anything like them before. They include a “Rotation” tool at the bottom of each bottle. This tool helps scrap the edges of each bottle to help you get all of the product out. As stated above, this “Rotation” tool is used for all of AMOK‘s liquid lipsticks and lip tints, mascara, eyeshadows, concealers, and highlighters.

Where Can I Learn More About AMOK?

You can check out AMOK by going to their webiste. There you can take a look at all of their products and do a little online shopping. The website also includes a list of countries available for shipping. The site can be read in either English or Korean. Lastly, you can learn more about them via their instagram. On their page they share cute photos of their products and update their followers on new deals and products.

AMOK Collections


BTLOF AMOK Chocolate


Unique City

BTLOF AMOK Tech Unique City


Style Master

BTLOF AMOK Style Master Lipstick


Premium: Contouring Master, Eyeshadow



Lovefit: Eyeshadow, Mascara, Lipstick



Kidult Picnic

BTLOF AMOK Kidult Picnic

Overall Thoughts

I like that this company has so many collections. It allows more choices for consumers and shows the company’s innovation. I’m currently testing a few of their products right now, so I’ll be sharing about them once I’m done with all the testing. So far I’ve noticed that AMOK has some great items, but there are a few that have some flaws. Either way, AMOK has a lot to offer you K-beauty lovers out there, so you should definitely check them out!

I don’t work for this company. I just wanted to write a brief summary about their company because I found them interesting and wanted to share my findings with you all. If you wan’t to have a discussion about the product or have questions, leave a comment below or write a message to me on my contact page.