Long time no post, but I have finally finished testing all my products from L.O.C.K Color!!! L.O.C.K Color is actually a branch of an already internationally known company called Soo’Ae. This will be a simple post introducing the brand and my overall thoughts of the company. Individual reviews of their products will be posted throughout the upcoming weeks/next two months so come back and check those out once they’re up.

What is L.O.C.K COLOR?

L.O.C.K COLOR is created by Korean makeup creators. The idea behind this collection is fun, edgy makeup. The company also promotes that their makeup is easy for beginner makeup users to use and also great for those already experienced in applying makeup. You can learn more about them on their website: Korean , Chinese, and English.

Big Questions

Where Do They Ship?

Since this is an emerging K-Beauty company, their shipping is still a bit limited. Right now their US site ships anywhere in the US and to Canada. Their Korean site ships all over Korea.

Can I Find Their Products In Stores?

Yes! According to their Korean site, you can find their products at Walmarts around the US and Canada. You can also find their products at Watsons in the Philippines and Indonesia.

Do They Do Animal Testing?

NO! I looked around EVERYWHERE on their websites to find the answer to this question initially, but I had no luck. HOWEVER! On Soo’Ae‘s websites I found that they have been certified as cruelty free, which was great news to hear. Since they are sister brands, I assumed that both companies treated their products the same way. After more snooping around I stumbled upon Ethical Bunny (a cruelty free brand directory), where they state that L.O.C.K Color IS cruelty free, but not vegan.

Overall Thoughts

I really like the products I have been using so far. The products are easy to use and for the most part work really well. I really love their Good Boundation BB+ Foundation so check out that review whenever you have time.

As I mentioned before, you can learn more about L.O.C.K COLOR at their website. You can also follow them on their instagram (Korean/English) where they post promotional pictures and tell you about different events and sales they are having.

I don’t work for this company. I just wanted to write a brief summary about their company because I found them interesting and wanted to share my findings with you all. If you wan’t to have a discussion about the product or have questions, leave a comment below or write a message to me on my contact page.