Looking for an easy to carry eye shadow pallet that can give you a simple every day look or sexy smoky eyes? Well then, I’ve got a pallet for you! L.O.C.K COLOR has three different sets of their L.O.C.K it Eye Shadow Finger Pallet: 01 Everyday, 02, Nudy N Smoky, and 03 Sunset Play. Everyday has rosy and brown colors that were designed for all skin tones to wear at any time of the day. Nudy N Smoky has gray, purple, and dark brown hues for a smokey, chic, sexy look. Lastly, Sunset Play has orange, golden, brown hues for a romantic look.

Today I’ll be reviewing the L.O.C.K it Eye Shadow Finger Pallet 02 in Nudy N Smoky.

lock it eye shadow finger pallet swatches 1


Application: 7/10

Many eye shadow pallets these days are made with the idea of easy travel and fast use. That’s why L.O.C.K Color designed this product to be used with just your fingers. I find it easy enough to apply the shadows with my fingers now, but at first it was a challenge. You can of course use brushes if you’d like. Brushes do make the eye shadows look more well blended and you can do more artistic looks when using a brush. I used brushes for my Halloween makeup, but I used my fingers for my every day look. The colors blend very well too, so you can create very unique looks with just the four colors given within the pallet.

Packaging: 8/10

The point of the L.O.C.K it Eye Shadow Finger Pallet is for you to use your fingers so it’d be silly to deduct points on it for not having a brush. Overall, the packaging was great. It has directions and a brief explanation of the product in English and Korean. However, the directions are a bit too brief and if I were new to makeup, I’d at least like a diagram or something with more detail telling me how to apply the eye shadows. Also, there isn’t an ingredient list, so I had to go to LOCK COLOR‘s website to figure it out.

Pigmentation: 8/10

The two darker colors (Deep Purple Brown and Chic Brown) and the second to lightest color (Light Metal Brown) in the pallet are very pigmented. It doesn’t take a lot for them to show vividly on your skin especially the two darker colors so a a little goes a long way. The lightest color (Pinky White) takes a bit more application before being noticed. I use it mainly as a highlighter for under my eyebrows and for under my eyes. The colors are also advertised as “brown hues” on the website, but they are definitely more purple than brown.

lock it eye shadow pallet swatches 2

Longevity: 10/10

I’ve had ZERO problems with the L.O.C.K it Eye Shadow Finger Pallet coming off or smudgy while wearing it. Even if I’m sweating it up in a club/lounge, it doesn’t come off! I use a fixing spray with my makeup, so that probably helps to keep it on as well. However, their website also boasts that the eye shadows use a “High adhesion pigment system for clear pigmentation without clumps or fall outs,” and I have to say I agree 100% with that.

Scent: N/A

Feeling: 8/10

The eye shadows themselves feel very smooth and silky. The texture makes it easy for applying. However, back to the lightest color (Pinky White), it feels a little odd using your finger to apply it. I’m not sure what is wrong with that one, but I’d rather use a brush to apply that color since it doesn’t feel like I’m getting enough of it on my finger when I try to apply it.

Removability: 10/10

For as well as these eye shadows stay on, you’d think they’d be difficult to remove, but they aren’t. The eye shadows of the L.O.C.K it Eye Shadow Finger Pallet come off easily with any makeup remover. I’ve even used an oil cleanser to remove these eye shadows with no issues.

Main Ingredients:

L.O.C.K it Eye Shadow Finger Pallet‘s three main ingredients are Mica (natural pigment), Tocopheryl acetate, and Silicon dioxide (silica). The natural pigment used in the eye shadows help capture light to make your eyes sparkle and look radiant. The tocopheryl acetate protects the skin around your eyes and helps your skin retain moisture. Lastly, the silica helps fill in wrinkles to give your eye shadow a nice smooth look.

Final Thoughts & Recommendations:

I’ve enjoyed using my L.O.C.K it Eye Shadow Finger Pallet from L.O.C.K COLOR. I’m still using it for almost every occasion that I have to wear makeup to because the colors of the 02 Nudy N Smoky pallet fit well with my eye color (brown) and skin tone. I think it’s safe to say that I won’t be needing to buy any purple hue eye shadows for a long time! Overall, I give this product an 8.5/10.

To learn more about this product or L.O.C.K COLOR itself you should visit their website (English, Korean, and Chinese) or check out my brief article about them. You can also check them out on instagram (Korean/English). I am really excited to share my other product reviews from L.O.C.K COLOR so make sure you come back soon to check those out! ♥

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