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About Me

Hello everyone! Nice to meet you all!

My name is Rebecca (Aguilar) Choi. I’m from Kalamazoo, Michigan in the United States. I’ve been in South Korea for almost five years now. I came June 11th, 2013 right after graduating uni.

After many months of thinking, I’ve decided to start this blog. It’ll be a mixture of a personal blog and a K-Beauty Review blog. It’ll also feature my art.

I noticed as I’m getting older and busier with life, that I’m forgetting things a lot more often. I thought starting a blog would help me remember more of my life and help share my life experiences. Also, even though I’m a foreigner here in South Korea, my life experiences here are much different than someone just traveling here or teaching for one year. So, I thought it would be interesting to share my experiences here.

I love visiting cafes, going to new restaurants, museums, and trying out new K-Beauty items!

I really do love K-Beauty, and I had this battle between deciding to write about all beauty products in general or just K-Beauty. I’ve decided that I’ll write 98% on K-Beauty and 2% on other products from around the world. Since I live in Korea, I tend to buy products from here, and I’ve had great experiences with many of the beauty companies here. However, I’m a sales shopper. I’ll rarely post about expensive brands because I’m living on teacher’s salary, I’m married (husband can see all my purchases ㅠㅠ), I have student loans, and I have other things I need to save up money for.

I’m looking forward to sharing my life with you! Like I said, “Come on a journey with me.”

From, Rebecca

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