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Beauty Products

All beauty products are bought by me or given as gifts from family, friends, or those close to me. I will always give my honest review with anything. Even if a company were to give me a product to test for free or at a discounted price, I would still give my honest opinion about the product.

I am also not an expert and I will never claim to be. I am here giving my honest opinion and sharing my love of beauty products especially K-Beauty products to you all.

제가 리뷰하는데 사용하는 미용제품은 직접구매하거나 가족친구에게 받은 것입니다저는 항상 솔직한 리뷰를 할 것입니다미용제품 제조판매 회사로부터 제공 혹은 할인 받은 제품이라도 솔직하게 리뷰하겠습니다저는 전문가는 아니며, K-Beauty 제품을 좋아하는 사람으로서 정보를 공유하고 싶습니다.


Cafes & Restaurants

Once again, I will always be honest about the food and drinks I consume. Let’s be real, I’ll probably never be so famous as to get free food hahaha. Even if that were to ever happen, I would still be truthful in my reviews and recommendations.

다시 말씀드리지만 저는 솔직한 리뷰를 하겠습니다음식과 음료에 대한 리뷰를 할때도 마찬가지입니다무료로 음식과 음료를 제공받을 일도 없겠지만요ㅋ 만약 그렇다하더라도 정직한 리뷰와 추천을 하겠습니다.


Places I Visit

Please consider that prices, times of opening and closing, and management of a place may change as time goes on. After reading any review or recommendation, please do further research as to not be disappointed if important aspects of a place has changed.

제가 방문한 후에 시간이 지남에따라 가격과 운영시간은 달라질 수 있습니다. 그러므로 제 리뷰를 보고 난 뒤 만약을 위해 다시한번 체크해볼것을 당부드립니다.

If you have any questions about anything I post or want to do a collaboration, please write an email to me via my contact page here.
만약 질문이나 제안사항이 있다면 여기의 컨택트 페이지를 통해 이메일 부탁드립니다.
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